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Resurface your business flooring with our expert commercial floor resurfacing and repairs

If your commercial flooring is old, tired, worn-out and damaged, it can seriously negatively impact your business. Your flooring is what ties the whole room together and tends to be the first thing your customers see. On top of that, if it's old and worn out, it can be unsafe for your workers.

This is where we come in! Our expert commercial flooring services can help bring your company's floors back to life. Whether it's an office space, warehouse, commercial kitchen, or any other commercial premises, we can help create a new and improved, more practical space for your business.

Our different commercial floor coatings can create a protective layer to provide chemical resistance and protect against oils spills and stains. We have non-slip commercial floor options to create a safe environment for your employees.

Our floors are incredible high quality, durable, and affordable. Using the best materials on the market, we ensure the longevity of your floors. Our experts are highly experienced and have the expertise across hundreds of commercial floor resurfacing jobs. You can trust our team to deliver flooring that exceeds all expectations!

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Our Commercial Floor Resurfacing Solutions

We offer a wide range of commercial floor coatings and finishes for you to choose from. Every company is different and requires a different solution, so we make sure to have an option for you! We have multiple colour options, design trends, and functionality aspects to suit all types of applications.

We do commercial floor coatings for the following industries:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Commercial garages
  • Shopping centres
  • Carparks
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Fast food chains

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring is a fantastic and affordable option for your commercial floors. It's non-slip properties combined with its incredible appeal make it a highly popular choice amongst business owners for their flooring. As Perth's leaders in epoxy flooring, we can lay down your commercial epoxy floors with minimal downtime and perfect execution.

Commercial Flake Flooring

Our commercial flake epoxy comes in over 50 different flake colours for you to choose from! Using cutting-edge technology, we integrate stunning flakes into your epoxy floors to create an attractive and non-slip floor for your commercial space.

Commercial Metallic Epoxy

Tired of seeing dull and bland concrete when you walk into your company? Metallic epoxy is the solution! Our metallic epoxy floors create a vibrant and distinct appeal to any flooring, creating a stunning appeal to anyone who arrives on your premises. With a range of colour combinations available, we can help create metallic flooring that suits your company's aesthetic perfectly.

Commercial Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a very popular option amongst business owners for their flooring. Timeless and stunning looking, our concrete polishing is suitable for warehouses, offices, and garages. It's one of the hardest wearing flooring options on the market.

Commercial Hone & Sealed Concrete

Looking for the same incredible look of polished concrete at an affordable price? Our commercial honed concrete is the option for you! Concrete honing creates the same aesthetic as polished concrete, but uses a different process that is less labour intensive and more affordable for you. We offer matte, satin, and gloss finishes.

Commercial Concrete Resurfacing To Ensure Your Business Looks Amazing Again

Ensuring your business looks great is so important to your company's brand and image. One of the quickest ways to bring down the look of your company is with old and aged concrete.

From office complexes to retail outlets, commercial properties need concrete surfaces that not only look incredible but also prioritise safety and functionality.

Over time, concrete surfaces can develop cracks, uneven patches, and surface imperfections, posing potential hazards to foot traffic and detracting from the professional image of the establishment.

How lucky you've come across us! Our commercial concrete resurfacing services address these issues head-on, restoring the integrity of the surface while enhancing its safety and functionality. We here to make your commercial concrete look great again.

With our commercial concrete restoration in Perth, businesses can breathe new life into their flooring, achieving a polished and professional look that sets them apart from the competition.

Whether it's spraycrete, honed concrete, epoxy flooring or commercial sealing, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique preferences and branding requirements of you.

Epoxy garage flooring Perth

Why choose us for your next commercial floor resurfacing?

With over 20 years of specialised experience in revitalising commercial floors in Perth, our team is recognised as the leading experts in the industry across Western Australia. We have successfully completed hundreds of commercial resurfacing projects, equipping us to handle any challenge that arises.

Our dedicated professionals bring years of expertise in commercial floor coatings, ensuring exceptional results that exceed industry standards. From warehouse epoxy to commercial concrete resurfacing, our team is perfect for any of your concrete floor restoration needs!

Throughout the process, we prioritise clear and open communication, guiding you through each step to guarantee your confidence in our work. We work around your business' schedule to minimise downtime and ensure your business is up and running as soon as possible.

Your satisfaction with the final appearance and durability of your newly resurfaced commercial floor is our ultimate priority! If you're looking for expert warehouse floor resurfacing Perth, give our team a call today.

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